What is E-Stamp???

  • E-stamping is an important component of the property purchase or sale. In this article, we will understand e-stamping or electronic stamping, e-stamping ,e-stamping application form, how to fill e-stamp application form, e-stamp online, what is consideration price in e-stamp.

What is Stamp Duty?

  • When transactions like buying, selling, making deeds, leasing, etc. take place, there is a financial component associated with it, and also a duty that has to be paid to the government. Such transactions are securely documented on stamp papers that can be purchased from authorized vendors, the value of which would be dependent on what is ascertained by the state (or central) authorities, and based on the nature of the transaction. The money that has been paid to buy the stamp paper is called stamp duty and the said money goes to the government. Thus the stamp paper is the proof that duty has been paid to the government for the said transaction.
  • The stamp paper gives legal validity to the contract. In case the stamp duty is not paid, then the transaction is not legally valid, and cannot be produced before court of law.

How to Fill E-stamping Application Form

You have to enter the following fields for filling the e-stamping application form.

  • Application date.
  • Whether the document is registrable or non-registrable.
  • Document description - what is the purpose for which you are buying the e-stamp paper (whether sale of property, rent agreement, affidavit, etc)
  • Property description.
  • First party details (name, address, phone number, PAN and pincode). First party means the seller, owner, etc.
  • Second party details (name, address, phone number, PAN and pincode). Second party means the buyer, tenant, transferee, etc.
  • Stamp duty payment details - purchased by whom, paid by whom, payment info. (e-stamp paper can be purchased by either the first party or the second party).

Benefits of E-stamping

  • It is convenient and easy.
  • It can be generated within minutes.
  • No need to pay additional charges as it happens with paper-based stamp.